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Factions Season 0
2 minute read


Faction has finally returned! Just as you remember it from 2017, with your old loot and bases. We have however decided to NOT reset vaults, bases, the map or inventories for the first season in order to let our old players re-experience their old memories and nostalgia. The only things that have been reset are players' mcmmo, economy, and old ultra keys (which won’t be converted). Old OP Bases didn’t exist back in 2016-2017, and will therefore not be available.

We’re also bringing back the beloved OP4 Potions, which will contain infinite Speed 4, Haste 4, Strength 4 and Jump boost 5.


Factions will be seasonal, with 2-monthly intervals every season. The winners will receive PayPal cash, Vouchers and Special items. In this season we’re giving out 260 USD in PayPal cash / Vouchers to two categories of players.

- The top three players who have killed the most amount of players. Kill boosting is not allowed! Players who kill alt accounts, or friends who aren’t attempting to fight back will result in a ban from the server and upcoming seasonal contests.
- The top three players with the most amount of money on “/baltop”. To earn money you can either farm, mine, sell stuff in the auctionhouse, or sell your loot from your raids.

For the first season which will be held from 18th December to 18th February - Next season will be formed based on feedback from our players.


If you purchase keys, you will of course get them again in coming seasons. If you have bought ultra or seasonal keys, you’re guaranteed to receive them again upon resets within one year from the date you purchased them.


We will hold weekly events, where we will hold drop parties, raid old OP bases, and more!


A team based activity where participants can capture the KOTH to obtain special rewards which can be previewed through the “KOTH Crate”. It will take place every Friday at 21:00 CEST. This competition involves a team capturing and holding onto a point for five minutes without being removed from it. There is no restriction on the number of factions that may participate in this. ./warp and coords will be provided once the KOTH has begun.  

We hope to see you there!

New Ownership
New Ownership
Due to personal circumstances, I can unfortunately no longer run the server. The 14th of February I had to step down and give HundraKronor the ownership of server, all of the server related accounts such as spigot, twitter, the discord server,...
1 minute read
We're both sad, happy and excited to announce that Powercraft Network in the current form will shut down. Powercraft Network has officially run for exactly 6 months since we brought it back the 8th of August 2022. Since launching the network we...
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Faction Season 1
Faction Season 1
We are excited to announce the release of Factions Season 1 will take place on February 4th at 12pm EST. As you may know, the return of PowerCraft led to Factions being outdated. Due to this, we was heavily limited to changes which could be made...
4 minute read