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Faction Season 1
4 minute read

We are excited to announce the release of Factions Season 1 will take place on February 4th at 12pm EST.

As you may know, the return of PowerCraft led to Factions being outdated. Due to this, we was heavily limited to changes which could be made with old data (Season 0). This is no longer the case. Season 1 has taken ideas from both the Minecraft community and our community to provide the best experience possible.

Season 0 Results

Here's the results from the following season, the winners will receive their rewards on discord soon. They will of course also receive some exclusive rewards when they start season 1.

Firemen1 - $262 million
WiIlb - $192 million
Kingieee - $146 million

Kingieee - 204 kills
Lavi69 - 145 kills
BootyCheeksBryan - 110 kills

Factions Update

Factions limit: 10 players per faction with no allies or trucing - Teaming outside your faction is prohibited and can lead to a ban.

Maximum power per player = 10

Faction Fly added - fly within own claimed territory.

Faction Vault added - bought through the token shop explained further along.

Faction Top added that shows the value of your faction based on spawners. 

Faction Warps added - warps for the members set by the admins of the faction.

Faction Announcement - send announcement to all faction members.

Faction Money - deposit money for your faction.

Faction TNT Bank- deposit tnt for your faction.

Faction Near - shows nearby faction members.

Armour/Tools Update

Armour/Tools now has been segmented into three categories - Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier3.

This makes it easier to identify different Armour/Tool pieces. 

Tier 1 - Decent

Tier 2 - Good

Tier 3 - Best

This is also included on OP potions.

OP Potions Update

OP3 now has strength 4 to no longer make it useless. This is ideal for players who may enjoy lower haste and speed.

OP2 now has strength 3.

OP Variant - OP3 and OP2 can now be distinguished between by the colour of the potion.

Crates Update

Three new crates have been added -> Armour, Potion, Hashira.

Both Armour and Potion crate can be bought through the token shop explained further along.

Hashira is a brand new donator crate that can be purchased through the store!

Potion crate rewards:

- x4 OP4

- x4 OP3

- X4 OP2

Armour crate rewards:

- x64 Tier 3

- x64 Tier 2

- x64 Tier 1

Hashira crate rewards:

- x4 Name Tags

- x64 OP4/3/2

- x24 OP4

- x24 OP3

- x24 OP2

- x128 Hashira Armour (PROT 27)

- x2 Beast Kit

- x2 Build Kit

- Infusion 3

- x8 Creeper Eggs

- $750,000


- x8 Sell Wands

- x64 Building Blocks

- Firework Bow

- Potion Launcher

- Blind Gooey

- 1750 Tokens

Changes made to the ULTRA crate include:

- OP POTS reduction

- Firework bow

- Tier 1 sell wand removed

- Build Kit (now 640 obsidian)

- 1000 Tokens

Changes made to the KOTH crate include:

- Cranial Strike buffed

Changes made to the Vote crate include:

- 200 Tokens

- Tier 2 kit

- Ultra/Tag key chance increase

PVP Update

As you may know, MCMMO heavily affects PvP and has caused for extreme TTK in Season 0. This has now been heavily altered to improve the PvP experience.

MCMMO Changes:

- Swords buffed

- Axes critical hits chance reduced

- Skills splitter damage reduced

Sharpness 17 is now the highest on axes and swords through kits. Sharpness 18 can be won through the KOTH crate.

Knockback (in 1.8 especially) is important for all PvP players. This season, we have completely changed this to make it smoother making combos feel better :). Hit detection has also been improved.

Unarmed has been set to 100 to limit disarming.

End Update

A brand new end map for players to enjoy!!


Duels now have 6 new added maps with the two new modes spleef and invaded!


Below spawn we have added a brand new arena for the advanced pvp players! This is a small dome allowing players to battle it out to the death with no escape! Each kill earns you a token which allows you to escape.


This is a 24/7 event made especially for the KitPVP players! 

KitPVP is a mode which allows you to drop in a small map and fight others in the same kit to earn both cash and tokens! Stats will NOT be affected in this mode. 

All items will be cleared once entering KitPVP until you exit this mode. 

1 Kill = $1000 & 6 Tokens


New token currency added allowing players to earn exclusive rewards in the token shop.

All methods of earning tokens are mostly PVP as the majoriy of the rewards are PvP based.

How to earn:

- Each Kill = 20

- Crates = 200+

- Killstreak = Higher KS > More Tokens

- KitPVP Kills = 6 Tokens

- Events = 200 Minimum

Rewards Include:

- Faction Vault (Maximum is 1)

- Gen Buckets

- $1,000,000

- OP Pickaxe

- Bow God

- Tags,Armour,Potion,Ultra keys


This season, you can earn a total of $260!

- Top Kills / Highest Fac Value (/f top) = $75 store credit each

- 2nd Kills/ Second Fac Value = $30 store credit each

- 3rd Kills/ Third Highest Fac Value = $25 store credit each

Donator Ranks Update

Ranks tag above the name now appears with a symbol to represent the rank.

(left: spooderman, middle left: cool turtle, middle right: senor, right: chains)

                  Titan > Hero > Champion > Warrior

Donor PV changes:

- Donor-1 no pv

- Donor-2 1 row of pv

- Donor-3 2 rows of pv

- Donor-4 4 rows of pv



Schedule depends on the total players.

Koth announcements will be made on Discord.

New maps coming soon...


Run 6pm CEST Every Friday!

Duration is 30 minute.

Each emerald block will now sell for 3k each.

Other Changes:

- All kits changed

- Bedrock removed

- Natural mob spawning disabled

- Hunger disabled in normal world

- Custom join tags added

New Ownership
New Ownership
Due to personal circumstances, I can unfortunately no longer run the server. The 14th of February I had to step down and give HundraKronor the ownership of server, all of the server related accounts such as spigot, twitter, the discord server,...
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We're both sad, happy and excited to announce that Powercraft Network in the current form will shut down. Powercraft Network has officially run for exactly 6 months since we brought it back the 8th of August 2022. Since launching the network we...
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Factions Get Rich Update
Factions Get Rich Update
We've added 3 new beautiful, amazing and perfect koth maps for the koth events which are held regularly at Friday @ CEST 9:00. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to gain 2 Koth Keys for every event that is held, which may or may not give...
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